Ultimate access with the best terms of trade in US equity market
Cutting-edge solution for algo and high volume manual traders

US Stock Exchanges
Floor Brokers
Dark Pools
1. We offer an integrated solution that enables unparalleled trading opportunities in the US equity market.

2. Our HFT co-located infrastructure secures the best execution price and lowest commission in the Street for each of our clients.

3. Our market share and unparalleled smart order routing capabilities enables us to provide the best execution and exceptional liquidity capture.

4. We offer best rates and best liquidity capture by pooling together volume from a diverse group of traders, that enable us to reach a combined execution volume of about 2% of the US stock market. That's why we can beat any other offer you have received.

5. We offer custom deals with proprietary trading groups, brokers and institutional clients that are based on the order flow parameters.
of entire US stock market orders is our total execution volume
We are a joint venture between a group of established companies, with a shared experience in US equity markets since 2001.

By taking advantage of being first in electronic trading, we have built a custom HFT trading infrastructure rivaling the technology of leading investment banks.

We have pioneered real-time automated trade compliance, enabling us to offer unparalleled access to the most select liquidity pools, providing our clients with best execution prices and lowest fees.
What We Provide
About us
Access to all
of US stock market is trading in dark pools and other secondary markets, away from traditional exchanges.
We capture all that liquidity.
Private Extranet
Best execution price
Deep market liquidity
Dark pools connection
We leverage our established HFT infrastructure and our private extranet of dedicated communication links between branch offices worldwide to offer low latency bidirectional links to the market.
Our HFT co-located infrastructure and smart routing logic secures the best execution price and lowest commission.
Our market share and smart order routing capabilities enables us to provide access to the best restricted-membership for exceptional liquidity capture.
In addition to connectivity to every US equity exchange and Floor Broker we provide order routing to 40 different dark pools.
shares every month
Price improvement
Intelligent routing
Sponsored access
Short locates
Our extremely fast and true intelligent order routing seeks out price improvement and saves to our Clients an average of 35-50% of Exchange take fees.
We provide manual traders with access to smart execution services in order to get the liquidity and successfully compete with algorithms.
Our market share and smart order routing capabilities enable us to provide access to the best restricted-membership for exceptional liquidity capture.
We conclude agreements with multiple locate sources, hence our clients can obtain locates in a fully-automated fashion and won't be left out on those hard-to-borrow stocks.

Detect anomalies
Avoid violations
Pre-trade compliance/Risk control
We monitor customer activity to detect and prevent potentially violate or manipulative activity, according to SEA Rule 15c3-5:

- Layering and Spoofing
- Wash trades
- Pre-arranged trading
- Marking the close
- On Open and On Close activity
- Imbalance Manipulation
- Paired Participant Spoofing
- Trade Through
Proprietary trading groups often faced with the problem of accidental violations of FINRA and SEC trading rules. It may lead to penalties that far exceed the profit of the group. Our fully-automated trade surveillance service ensures compliance with all rules, in particular SEA Rule 15c3-5.

Our sophisticated pattern recognition system based on machine learning identifies behaviors that pose the greatest regulatory risk to your firm and prevent disaster strikes.
Our system is trained to recognize high-risk activity from actual regulatory cases and investigations in our long time collaboration with FINRA.

We find outlier events based on historical trends, environmental context and correlation within firm activity.

Discover manipulative or disruptive activity before violations happen, preventing fines and enforcement investigations.

Our algorithmic order entry is supervised by a clearing-certified pre-order risk management system
Our automated, low-latency real-time trading compliance and risk control defend traders from making expensive mistakes:

- Pre-trade risk & position limits
- Price thresholds
- "Fat-Finger" controls
- Duplicate order checks
- ADV (Average Daily Volume) risk

Orders that would violate risk or compliance checks are rejected while those that pass are routed to the appropriate execution venue.
SEA Rule 15c3-5
We leverage institutional trading to proprietary groups and retail traders
Lowest commission rates
Large volume enables us to secure low commission rates from execution venues due to preferential pricing. The economy of scale enables us to offer trader commission rates at or below the published exchange rates.
Deep market liquidity
Access to dark pools is only available to participants with institutional style infrastructure. We utilize our co-located HFT infrastructure for unparalleled liquidity capture.
Best execution price
Our smart execution services secures the best execution price and liquidity capture with lowest commission. It allows manual traders to successfully compete with algorithms that reigns in modern markets.
Ultra Low Latency Network
Trading facilities are co-located within the
exchange data centers for the lowest possible
latency. Orders and market data can be transported
entirely over the extranet in order to keep the
latency stable for long-distance links.
Market manipulation protection
Our smart routing and trade surveillance services protect from regulatory violations and market manipulations as well. We successfully defend our clients from Stop Hunting and ECN Slippage attacks.

Best trading platforms
We support Sterling, Lightspeed, Fusion and Laser state-of-the-art trading platforms, as well as direct FIX connections.
If you want to succeed, don't hesitate to use an ultimate advantages over the market
Jesse L. Livermore
No Pattern Day Trading rules
Leverage is the source of risk and possibility. Our clients enjoy Intraday buying power up to 1:50.
Simple onboarding
Integrated billing and automated compliance management make onboarding of new clients easy and quick.
Security of money
We transfer your money to a custodian account that transfer payments only after receiving of trading results.
Transparent reporting
We provide transparent reporting of all your trading activities empowered by PropReports.
Institutional possibilities for proprietary business
Join to thousands traders and trading groups worldwide that we empower by uncompromising technology and rates.
We offer state-of-the-art platforms that are designed specifically for active traders
Used world-wide by proprietary trading firms, broker-dealers, and active traders, Sterling Trader gives traders the performance and functionality they need to compete in today's markets. Connect anywhere from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Sterling Trader offers the most sophisticated algorithmic trading suite in the electronic trading marketplace.

Top features:
  • Advanced charting with over 60 configurable studies
  • Fully configurable hot keys and hot buttons
  • Custom trading alerts and Imbalance Monitor window
  • Sophisticated real-time scanning tools
  • Basket trading
  • Position and portfolio management
  • Server-side stop and native stop orders
The Sterling LST, former Lighspeed Trading, platform is offered to professional traders that want to trade U.S. equity markets. Sterling LST delivers a robust trading system to proprietary trading groups that demand highly established market data and performance. Traders of all experience levels can easily design and customize layouts and rules to best fit their trading style.

Top Features Include:
  • Advanced multi-threaded, multi-core processing
  • Optimized Level II quote messaging
  • Low latency execution
  • Complex options trading
  • Advanced options trading strategies
  • Block ticker alert and ticker alert
  • Fully customizable layouts
STT Fusion, former Fusion and Blackwood, trading platform is an easy-to-use, highly customizable C++ desktop application with quick order entry and trade execution, fast real-time quotes and market data, flexible screens, charts and analytical tools.

Top features:
  • Pre-market indications
  • Actionable price alerts
  • Automated stock locate
  • Stock filters and indicators
  • Dynamic hot keys
  • Trailing stops
  • Pairs and basket trading
  • Smart order routing
We offer custom deals with trading groups and brokers that are based on the order flow parameters
Deposit & volume*
A minimum deposit and trading volume applies to a client account either the proprietary group or broker.
Actual comission rate depends on negotiated payout/comission structure.

Once negotiated commission rates can be discounted while increasing trading volumes. Once your account is set to a new rate, you will be charged that rate on all shares traded next month. All rates subject to ongoing review and may be increased if you fail to meet the trading volume thresholds.
Platform fee***
Platform fee depends on the type of the platform, it functionality and trading volume. For high volume clients we can deeply reduce platform fee, up to zero.
Everything is negotiable, please note that we can beat any other offer you have received. Feel free to contact us.
Complete online application
Integrated billing and automated compliance management make onboarding of new clients easy and quick
Execute digital agreement
Let us know your trading activity and receive the best price in the market
Fund your account
The only requirement for financing the account and withdrawing balances is access to the bank account capable of international bank transfers
Start trading
Check daily transparent reporting empowered by PropReports

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